Continuing Education


How many hours of continued education do I need per year to fulfill the IHA requirements?

A total of ten hours per year are needed for each year’s continuing education experience. To ensure the education is continuing, the hours are not able to be carried over to the following year.

How they measure up

1. Lectures/Recorded Teleconferences

A recorded teleconference is equal to two hours. Hahnemann College’s Summer, Winter, and Fall School is worth six hours per day of attendance.Attendance at Medical Heilkunst-related conferences, or completion of assignments based on study recordings. Attendance at IHA-sponsored Practitioner Meetings, or completion of assessments based on tapings of such sessions

2. Enrollment in other programs, studies or courses

Verification of attendance, certification, or a document confirming enrollment, completion, or attendance in an area of study that can further advance the Heilkunst practice and/or knowledge of a an IHA member.

3. Book reviews, articles and approved research on Heilkunst-related issues

4. Other recommended courses/certifications that qualify:

CPR and First Aid requirements

The IHA strongly recommends the completion of a First Aid and CPR course, which should be updated as required upon expiry. The more beneficial course is First Aid that also includes infant CPR and defibrillation. However, the decision is up to the member, as to which course is more beneficial. For the practitioners who are DAHH members, we strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the animal CPR procedures, which you can find at animal CPR.