CoCo Verspoor

CoCo Verspoor

Areas of expertise: Doctor of Medical Heilkunst.

Qualifications: DMH, DHHP, Dip. Eurythmy, Healing Movement of Eurythmy.

Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst
9-4338 Innes Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K4A 3W3
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CoCo Verspoor is a graduate of the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. Her own health journey led her onto a fruitful exploration of the science of Heilkunst and the new healing movement of eurythmy. Her unique approach to healthcare offers a comprehensive program of Heilkunst medicine, healing movement, and individualized nutrition and regimen. One can start with one or all three areas to improve general health and solve specific health problems as one becomes more integrated in soul, mind and body through the treatment. Learn more at www.cocoverspoor.com.

Additional website: www.RomanticHealthcare.com