Amanda Lamb

Amanda Lamb

Areas of expertise: Doctor of Medical Heilkunst.

Qualifications: DMH, DHP.

757532 2nd Line E
Mulmur, Ontario
L9V 2V8
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My story of how I discovered Heilkunst is a little different than most. From the time I was a little girl my passion was firmly focused on horses. I traveled across oceans, worked alongside incredible people, met thousands of horses, expanded my understanding of everything horse related as much as I could. I left no offering of an opportunity behind and at the ripe age of 25 it all changed in the blink of an eye. I was injured and after years of physiotherapy and a few X-rays it was decided that the pain that made my hair fall out was to be my constant companion for the remainder of my life. I was told I needed to retrain in something less demanding on my body.

I enrolled in Heilkunst, not because I understood it or even believed it, but because I knew I could not practice western medicine because, though I was a budding surgeon with my experiences with horses, I did not condone or believe in the practice of simply making symptoms go away. My own medical care after my accident was testament to that, my GP told me I made him feel like a drug pusher when I would ask for details on what, why and how the medications he was wanting to give me would benefit me, and how would they harm me. I loved medicine almost as much as horses, I did not think Heilkunst was the answer but at the time I did not care, I just needed to retrain in something less demanding on my body and was of some interest to me without compromising my principles. Now, more than 8 years later I eat, drink and breathe Heilkunst and my ongoing studies in what is termed Spiritual or Romantic Science. It is not always the easy road, in fact, often it is the hard work road but the payout is far reaching and well worth the effort. Plus the best part is anyone who wants to can also benefit from this wisdom and I love helping people navigate their way to a better life with the tools I have been given.