Natalie Friese

Natalie Friese

Areas of expertise: Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, Dynamic Health Counsellor.

Qualifications: DHHP, DMH, Dyn HC.

Nature's Vibe Natural Health Clinic
38 Grand Avenue South
Cambridge, Ontario
N1S 2L6
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Tel: 519-622-0770


Heilkunst removes the veil of illusion and centres our attention on the evolution of consciousness. Medicine isn't simply about healing the body; the body is our temple and the vehicle for our human experience. Though it must be honoured, the mind and the spirit also deserve the highest esteem. 

Homeopathic medicine, when prescribed according to Heilkunst principles, has the ability to stimulate a release - which opens up the opportunity for living life in true resonance.

I work to help you bridge the gap between the way you think and how it impacts your health. I believe that much of the clinical success can be accredited to really taking the time to listen, to care, and to help you educate yourself. In the past 13 years, I have worked with thousands of clients, using sequential trauma therapy.  

Natalie has been a speaker at renowned conferences like the Autism Opportunities Conference and the Canadian Homeopathic Conference. She is a passionate and profoundly dedicated founder of Nature's Vibe Natural Health Clinic & Store, is a Canadian natural health industry expert, professional supplement formulator, published writer, inspirational speaker, and health educator. 

  • SKYPE consultations available for distant & international clients
  • Natalie est BINLINGUE: consultations homéopathiques sont disponible en français

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