Dynamic Education Practitioner, DynEdP

Qualifications: Graduates of the School for Romantic Science and Healthcare (SRSH) holding the DRHP (Edu.) diploma (Romantic Science Healthcare Practitioner Diploma - Therapeutic Education)

The Dynamic Education Practitioner addresses the various disorders that arise from lack of knowledge and false beliefs, and guides the client in seeking the evolution of mind and consciousness through the realization and activation of their unique purpose in life. The ultimate source of disorder and disease is ignorance concerning what is optimum (that is, resonant) for our health. The Dynamic Education Practitioner seeks to find ways to remove the barriers to knowledge of the true self, the world and reality. In this pursuit, the aim is to bring the divisions of one’s primordial unity back together on the basis of resonant actions, that is, those that support the fulfillment of one’s true desires and aspiration and purpose for being here. Through following one’s desire function, true health and happiness can be found.