IHA membership & benefits

Membership Categories

Medical Practitioner

A) Diploma Level

Graduates of Medical Heilkunst from an approved or accredited educational institution, who are entitled to use the designation, DMH (Doctor of Medical Heilkunst).

B) Certificate Level

Graduates of a specific health discipline within Heilkunst, such as Dynamic Nutrition, Dynamic Blood Analysis or Dynamic Dental Health, from an approved or accredited educational institution, who are entitled to use the designation Certificate in Medical Heilkunst (CMH).


C) Graduate

Graduate of a certificate study program in Heilkunst as it pertains to any other field of human endeavor from an approved educational institution.

Annual Membership Dues


If you are a new member or a new graduate, Category A or B, you may join at any time within the year on the basis of a pro-rated fee of 1/10 of the annual fee for each month remaining in the year. [e.g., if you wish to join in June, you would pay 7 x 1/10 x annual fee]. If you are within two months of the end of year date (31 October), you may pay the annual fee for the year coming up and become a member automatically at the date of payment.

Membership Benefits

All Voting/ Practitioner Members

  • Voting Member (on special issues)
  • Free listing on the Practitioner Directory of the IHA website with biography, links to one’s own clinic website, and access to general Heilkunst information for patients.

Continued Heilkunst Treatment

All members must undertake a continuing Heilkunst treatment involving a minimum of two consultations with another graduated Heilkunster according to part 32. in the By-laws.

Continuing Education

All Members must achieve a certain number of CEU credits annually. These will be specified by the CEU committee and will normally consist of:

  • Attendance at Medical Heilkunst-related conferences, or completion of assignments based on study of recordings.
  • Attendance at IHA sponsored Practitioner Meetings, or completion of assessments based on audio tapings of such sessions.
  • Book reviews, articles and approved research on Heilkunst-related issues.

IHA membership application

IHA membership application form.