Nana Yamada

Nana Yamada is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, completing her DHHP (Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst) in 2015. She has been interested in health for over 15 years now and has been working in the health food industry for over 10 years educating people about their health. She has studied at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, where she received a diploma in Wholistic Therapy and is certified in Reflexology, Reiki level II, Bach Flower Essences and as a Theta Healing Practitioner.

Nana became intrigued by the system of Heilkunst medicine after taking a course in Homeopathy and yearning to go deeper within this medicine. She started studying with the HCH when she was fraught with flaring eczema and allergies and was taken on as a patient (a requirement for graduation she was grateful for). It made so much sense for her to go through the whole system of medicine herself, before being healthy enough to pass on this wisdom to help guiding others. She's been healed from allergies and eczema for a few years now and loves to spend time nestled in the natural surroundings of the Rocky Mountains of Canada as well as travel to distant places when she can.

Nana is close to receiving her diploma for Animal Heilkunst and is set to start up her own practice soon. She is also interested in being part of the IHA board to help spread knowledge of this wonderful system of medicine.

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Flu Season Remedies

With flu season just around the corner, many people may be thinking about what to do to prevent getting sick and how to pass through this time smoothly. What is Influenza? Influenza is caused by a viral infection causing symptoms of fever, headache, aching muscles, sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, body aches and pains, chills and/or generalized fatigue. It can also appear similar to a cold from the discharges it produces in the form of fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and possibly more serious respiratory infections. Duration The flu infection generally lasts… View More


Chthonic and Ideogenic Realm

The two distinct realms we’ve learned upon studying Heilkunst are distinguished by these two opposing directional forces. The word “below” makes us think of depth, darkness, the unknown, the murky waters in the deep of the ocean yet to be explored and the fears that hide beneath. We’ve termed this place the “Chthonic Realm“, for the word in Greek means “the underworld, the dwelling between the surface of the earth and nether regions” and to make it even more interesting, there are two currents described as either the “hot stream” or the “cold stream” to differentiate how each is… View More



Summer, Fall, Winter and Springtime all affect us in different ways. Each season has a distinct set of characteristics that define it as such. These seasons are linked to symptoms of Chronic Miasms, which are inherited disease tendencies that are related to why specific symptoms come up for many of us during a season and why many diseases run in the family. Some degree of Chronic Miasm affects everyone as they exist latently in each one of us. When we are in a weakened state they become most apparent and show up acutely. By treating for them at the right time, we can be cleared of their influences and live… View More


Constitutional Remedies

Constitutional Remedies - Getting to the Core of who you really are… Have you ever wondered why you crave certain foods, while dislike others, or why some people seem more naturally extroverted or introverted, or why you like more humid climates while others prefer to be in drier ones, or what makes some people tick, or even why some prefer spicy foods while others like more bland dishes? Well interestingly, there is something called a “Constitutional Remedy”, which refers to one’s inherited predispositions and their “genotype”. This is what one is born with when they come into… View More