Paul Bowman

Areas of expertise: Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, DMH.

Qualifications: DHHP, DMH.

Bowman Health
c/o 21 Island Cay Drive
Ormond By The Sea, Florida
United States
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Bowman Health is a private Holistic Family Medicine Practice. We have sub-specialties in Bio Psychiatry and Advanced Cancer Therapeutics and we love to treat Doggies!

We introduce patients and clients to our Patient Education Program if they are interested in learning. This way 10 years from now they are not asking the same questions.

We sponsor patients in the Dynamis Apprentice Program at TheDynamisInstitute.com, IF they seem to resonate with therapeutics. We have a goal to have one Dynamis Apprentice in each household so that we can focus on developing Heilkunst as a lifestyle throughout extended families.

We help serious patients who have become well against all odds to develop their Higher Purpose by engaging as a Dynamis Apprentice, on their way to becoming the newly inspired Heilkunst Physicians Assistant (HPA) that will be started in 2023 through the Dynamis Institute.

We have some patients that are starting the new Foundations Program at the School for Romantic Science Healthcare (SRSH) so that they can develop “eyes that see and ears that hear.” As Dynamic Healthcare Practitioners, this esoteric and exoteric training development is critical to be able to “participate” the complex cases that are prevalent in people groups throughout the modern world.

As Independent Researchers, we have recently purchased the latest and advanced homeopathic and healthcare modalities of computer software to simultaneously access massive databases. We are in the process of connecting to a ClearNODE decentralized and encrypted server. We will make a literal safe space for our friends, relatives, patients, and their families going forward.

We utilize our Bioenergetic Well Ness System (BWS) mostly onboard new patients with a FREE bio scanning technology that utilizes your smart phone wherever you are. Your Bio Scan voice assessment or hand scanner (a $50 wireless mouse-sized hand scanner) is used for our canine patients and others who would rather touch than talk. It is easy as 1-2-3…! After you scan, it is uploaded into the cloud. We are notified that you have scanned and then we can go over your scan with you while you are in the comfort of your own home or office. What could be more convenient? When you see your human body field (HBF) in real time and you see how using Advanced Homeopathy 2.0 can give you double or triple your current energy levels, YOU will be delighted and have hope for Health and Happiness that you EVER imagined within your creative imagination.

Call for your FREE bio scan and consultation ASAP. We need all your contact information that includes your date of birth, email address, and physical mailing address. We will send you a LINK via email and you will be off to the races.

We will give you a spousal or partner discount and if both Mom and Dad are in general treatment then the kids and dogs are only $50

Per consultation, and that’s it. When you call between appointments we will accept your calls so that you feel supported. It takes time to learn what NECESSARY suffering is and to stop UN-NECESSARY suffering.

If you get in a real jam with what we call Faulty Regimen, we will move your through Typological Dietary practices and if you do not respond sufficiently, we do laboratory Hair Test Mineral Analysis (HTMA). We can then break the log jam with Clinical Nutrition.

We primarily have a telehealth model for our practice.

We have patients in North America, Europe, South America and Australia.