Alysa Neal

Alysa Neal
Alysa Neal

Areas of expertise: Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, DMH.

Qualifications: MLS, DHHP, DMH.

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Tel: 647-267-8357


Alysa’s first introduction to healing outside of the allopathic medical model was in 1984, when she learned about Metamorphosis. Based on reflexology, Metamorphosis recognizes a prenatal timeline mapped along the spinal reflexes on the feet, hands and head. Alysa finds it the perfect coincidence that Metamorphosis can have a place in the sequential treatment aspect of Heilkunst: Working backwards through their timeline, once the patient has cleared their birth trauma, what’s next? Pre-birth!

Alysa’s undergraduate degrees in Math and Psychology, Teacher’s Certification, a Master’s degree in Library Science, and a Diploma in Human Services Counseling have all contributed to her successful career in public and legal librarianship. Helping people with their informational needs has indeed been rewarding, but she always felt she’d like to do more. After experiencing some challenging life lessons, she discovered the gentle, yet powerful effect of homeopathic remedies, thanks to a few wonderful and well-meaning naturopaths. But it was her introduction to Heilkunst and subsequent treatment that made the most significant and positive change to her physical, mental and emotional health.

She looks forward to continuing her own journey as she assists others on theirs with therapeutic regimen, therapeutic medicine and therapeutic education.